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Hello, my angels ~

Today, I come to you again with another edition into the series I’m doing with Chrissy!!! We are back to answer the five questions chosen for this month’s The Favorites post. Chrissy actually had the amazing idea to go back and forth with the assignment of questions so for March, I chose 5 favorites themed questions! I hope you all enjoy them!

For those of you just joining in on the fun, here’s a run down on what the fluff goes on. Basically, Chrissy and I get together each month and one of us picks out 5 questions themed around our bookish favorites. Then we each give our answers and we both write our respective posts to you all!

Now, let’s talk about Chrissy! Chrissy is an amazing book blogger who you all can find over on, or you can click the link attached to her name. 10/10 blog posts and book reviews, highly recommend. So please, go show her some love, angels!

Without further ado, let’s get into our 5 March Favorites!!!

1) Favorite Bookish Map?

Ash > This question is so hard for me! I read so many fantasy books and a lot of them have maps in them. But taking into account the coloring of it, the exactness, the book itself, and, of course, how helpful it actually is, I’d have to say the map of the Grishaverse, a universe created by my favorite author, Leigh Bardugo. I find myself referring to the map throughout these books to track where all of the characters are and where they’re going. It’s also a gorgeous map and I’m in love with it, and basically anything else Leigh Bardugo does.

Chrissy > I felt a bit silly with this question because I had no clue what a Bookish Map was! You definitely learn something new everyday that’s for sure!! Ash explained to me what it was and now I totally wish I had one! Haha Usually bookish maps are in fantasy books and are usually placed in the beginning, middle or the end of the book to highlight what journey the characters partake in. I’ve never actually read any fantasy books so I’m totally missing out on these awesome maps! Maybe I can get some inspiration from Ash on her fav bookish map and will read a fantasy book one of these days. But for now, I unfortunately do not have one. Sad times. Sad times.

2) All Time Favorite Character/Type of Character?

Ash > I get incredibly attached to book characters, as all of us do, so I kind of cursed myself for putting this question in. But! Thinking about it, Delilah Bard from the Shades of Magic Trilogy by V. E. Schwab is my favorite character ever. She’s a strong ass woman living in shitty Grey London (but not for long) stealing, cheating, and beating her way through it. She never asks or begs for pity in regards to her crappy childhood and she works towards what she wants. And she’s a pirate in the making. What’s honestly not to love? By extension, badass female characters are my favorite type of characters!

Chrissy > Oh boy! What a question! This is like asking what my favorite ice cream flavor is! I’m always changing my mind with this haha Okay, well I have read a lot of books with some amazing characters but I’ve gotta say, the character that I loved the most well, for now, because I’m sure this will change in time, is Achilles from The Song of Achilles. He is a total kick ass character and I really enjoyed reading that book so much too. The Song of Achilles is a greek mythology book so you know it’s guaranteed to have loads of action, drama, sex and amazing scenes, I just loved his character so much. Achilles is a demi-god and he was pretty much created to fight and be the best warrior there ever was. He’s basically a babe, he’s charismatic, he’s very confident, cocky even, and did I say hot? Haha well I just liked the guy and wish I could have met him in real life. I adored Madeline Miller’s retelling of this amazing story and if you haven’t read The Song of Achilles, then you’re totally missing out! Here’s my full review of this amazing book.

3) Favorite Non-Fiction Book?

Ash > No doubt — Love’s Executioner by Irvin D. Yalom. An old teacher gifted me this book when I wanted to be a psychiatrist and I fell in love with it within the pages of the prologue. Behind being an interesting book about a psychotherapist and 10 of his patients, it’s an incredible story of discovering the complexities of human nature and how all of us, every one of us, is in this together.

Chrissy > Well this is a no brainer for me. Michelle Obama, Becoming. Ugh this book!!!! THIS BOOK. If you haven’t read it yet I strongly suggest you get yourself a copy from wherever you get books from because this book is everything. I’ve always liked Michelle Obama but after reading her eloquent memoir, I literally think that she’s my hero. Like actual hero. Her book was so well written, and it’s not just about her time at the white house, it’s so much more than that, it tells the story of her life and how she became to be the person she is today. Also, she’s just so down to earth that you really feel that you can have a normal conversation with her. You don’t even have to be into politics to read it, it’s just a well rounded amazing read, also it’s so cool to get the inside scoop on the on goings of the white house too. I adored it!! Check out my full review of this ermazing book, I promise you, you will love it. I’ve also yet to see a negative review of this book!

4) Favorite Book of 2019 (So Far)?

Ash > For those of you who frequent my blog, you all probably think the answer to this is going to be King of Scars, because I have been waiting for it for so long. And you’d be right! In terms of the book I was most excited about and made me feel all of the things, it would be King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo, the newest edition to the Grishaverse that has so much going on that I don’t know if I can accurately explain everything. But in terms of a book that I didn’t know I was going to read this year, did, and fell 100% in love with — that would be They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera. On the other hand, They Both Die at the End is a contemporary book about what happens when people are notified the morning of their death day. It follows Rufus and Mateo, who are both going to die. They meet and go on one last adventure — together. Needless to say, that shit hurted.

Chrissy > Actually I would have said Becoming by Michelle Obama because I had read her book in January and it’s my fav read of 2019 so far, but….I think I should pick a 2nd book because I can’t talk about Michelle throughout this whole Q&A right? Or can I…nah just kidding. Okay, my 2nd fav book of 2019 is a psychological thriller by Wendy Walker titled The Night Before. This book literary kept me on my toes! It was just a good page turning can’t stop thinking about it thriller. I loved it. It follows Laura, a young lady who signs up for an online dating profile to basically get out there and start dating after her terrible break up, Laura’s always been a bit insecure but she is determined to feel good about herself and get out there and date. She goes on this date with a guy she knows very little about and doesn’t come back home after her date. Her sister goes crazy looking for her everywhere, I mean the whole story is as tense as it comes. It’s filled with lots of twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. I was in the mood for a good thriller when I read it and basically got just that! Which makes it one of my fav books of 2019 so far. This book doesn’t come out till May 14th, 2019 but when it does, definitely grab yourself a copy. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Check out my full review of this awesome twisty book.

5) Favorite Late-Night Read?

Ash > As someone who has nightmares for years, I find reading before I go to bed helps. I literally have no idea and with the book I’m about to say, it really shouldn’t help — but it does. I’ll read stories from Grimm’s Complete Fairy Tales — the original creepy as hell ones — and then I’ll go to sleep. I don’t get it either, but it works for me. For those of you unaware, the Grimm’s Fairy Tales include all your favorite Disney-fied tales, such as Cinderella, Rapunzel, and the Sleeping Beauty, but these are the originals. And they are a lot more gorey, bloody, and creepy. It’s a great time, honestly.

Chrissy > Well I have to go with a creepy book for this question. I’m Travelling Alone by Samuel Bjork. This book was creepy!!! I mean it sent chills down my spine long after reading it. It also has some pretty good twists in it that I found very disturbing, imaginative and scary. It follows two detectives, Mia and Holger. Mia is a bit of a reclusive person, Holger had to practically beg her to get her on board for a crime that has recently happened and desperately needs her help for. She signs on to help Holger out, a veteran detective and the story goes on from there. A 6 year old girl is found dead hanging from a tree. The only clue being an airline tag around her neck that says ‘I’m Travelling Alone’. Creepyyy! This book gave me late night chills. Loved it. Haha so it’s definitely my pick for a long time fav night time read because sometimes there’s nothing better than curling up in your bed sheets on a late night with a creepy page turning book. Check out my brief review of I’m Travelling Alone here.

And that closes off the March Favorites!!! Have a great rest of your day/night, angels!!!

3 thoughts on “The Favorites > March Guest Post

  1. Lovely post. have you tried Arabian tales, on audible they have a whole cast to dramatize it. Its really interesting. i am still working my way through Grimm fairytales safe to say would never look at some fairy tales the same way again. I am reading a couple of these books this year so i look forward to it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. iinktrailss

      thank you! i don’t really listen to audiobooks but i may have to give this one a listen!
      oh yeah! i haven’t watched a disney movie that has a corresponding grimm’s fairy tale since reading the stories.
      best of luck with the reading!


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